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our public and private events are run at prominent locations across the country ranging from haunted prisons, manor houses, castles and more. Your night with haunted uk will consist of paranormal based discussions, multiple vigils throughout the night, use of modern ghost hunting equipment as well as more traditional methods. We may also film and photograph some aspects of the night to document the activity if it is justifiable to do so, even if your camera shy you need not worry, we can make adjustments as necessary. our experienced team will be on hand throughout to guide you and answer any questions you may have and location permitting we may also be able to facilitate some measure of free reign for the more adventurous investigators.  

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over the course of many years and having investigated many of the most reputedly haunted buildings in the UK its has become clear that it is not just old manors and castles that house strange goings on, many people often report paranormal activity in their homes and even workplaces. We at Haunted uk believe it is only right that we offer a service to these people who may be living in fear and oppression or perhaps you may even enjoy the activity but just want it to be investigated professionally. We aim to craft a bespoke investigation plan to tackle such cases. We will Investigate, document, summarise and attempt to assist, drawing on our years of knowledge and experience to guide us in making the best decisions about each individual case. If you feel that this is something that may apply to you, email us to arrange a consultation.


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